Bible Trivia

Bible Trivia Quiz - Week 4

1. What did Jacob see in his dream?

Hint: (Genesis 28:12)

A- Esau chasing him in a chariot

B- manna falling from heaven to feed him

C- a basket of summer fruit

D- angels going up and down a stairway

2. What was the ninth plague that God used to free the people of Israel from slavery?

Hint: (Exodus 10:21-29)

A- death of livestock

B- darkness

C- sores

D- hailstones

3. Who was sold to passing traders for twenty pieces of silver?

Hint: (Genesis 37:27-28)

A- James

B- Jesus

C- Jacob

D- Joseph

4. Who was the judge who made decisions for the people who came to her as she sat under a palm tree?

Hint: (Judges 4)

A- Deborah

B- Huldah

C- Miriam

D- Anna

5. How many years did it take for Solomon to finish building his palace?

Hint: (1 Kings 7:1)

A- 2 years

B- 7 years

C- 13 years

D- 16 years

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