Bible Trivia

Bible Trivia Quiz - Week 12

1. Who was the king of Tyre who sent logs of cedar and cypress for Solomon's building projects?

Hint: (I Kings 5:8)

A- Cyrus

B- Nebuchadnezzar

C- Abimelech

D- Hiram

2. According to Exodus 3:1, what mountain was referred to as the mountain of God?

Hint: (Exodus 3:1)

A- Ararat

B- Horeb

C- Gerizim

D- Nebo

3. Who was the last judge of Israel? He warned the Israelite people not to worship other gods or to ask for a king.

Hint: (I Samuel 1:20)

A- Gideon

B- Ehud

C- Ibzan

D- Samuel

4. What did God provide during the forty years of the Exodus? It is a whitish substance of nourishment that tasted like wafers with honey.

Hint: (Exodus 15:31)

A- manna

B- nanna

C- ranna

D- yanna

5. Simeon was a leader of the church at Antioch. What was his other name?

Hint: (Acts 13:1)

A- Lucius

B- Manaen

C- Niger

D- Saul

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