Bible Trivia

Bible Trivia Quiz - Week 25

1. The apostle Paul was born in what city?

Hint: (Acts 21:39)

A- Nazareth

B- Jerusalem

C- Ephesus

D- Tarsus

2. How did Peter ask the Lord to confirm that it was He who appeared to them in the midst of the storm?

Hint: (Matthew 14:28)

A- Lord, if it is you, command the storm to cease immediately.

B- Lord, if it is you, command me to come to you on the water.

C- Lord, if it is you, send lightning and thunder such as we have never seen before.

D- Lord, if it is you, walk across the water and get into the boat with us.

3. Philip was sent to speak to an Ethiopian eunuch who held what position in the court of Candace, queen of Ethiopia?

Hint: (Acts 8:26-27)

A- cupbearer

B- scribe

C- astrologer

D- treasurer

4. What kind of leaf was in the dove's mouth when it returned to the ark?

Hint: (Genesis 8:11)

A- olive

B- fig

C- sycamore

D- gopher

5. How did God lead the Israelites by night?

Hint: (Exodus 13:21)

A- A bright star

B- A cloud

C- A pillar of fire

D- A mist

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