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Comments From Our Subscribers:

"Thank you for your faithfulness in providing the Bible Study Lessons each week. It means so much to me since we do not have Sunday School at our church any more. We are now a teaching church where fundamentals are taught each week. It is working well, but for the older folks like me, I just love Sunday School, and the topics make me look closer at what the Word intended for me.

Thanks." -Valerie Lawton

"I'm glad to see that you did get my email informing you that I wanted to get the Mustard Seed Lesson. I appreciate you taking note. Being a newly appointed teacher for young junior adults, I find that they grasp the scriptures better and am able to give more effective lessons because of it. It also helps me in understanding... I can better break down the lessons for them. I just wanted to say that this is a great service that you offer, and to keep up the good work."


I want to Thank You for sending me the lessons earlier. I am now able to study for Sunday. I have had 2 strokes and my comprehension level is not good right now. Getting the lessons earlier helps me to study and understand the lesson so I can participate.

I truly want to thank GOD for you and thank you for being yourself.

Again, thanks for your help and support."

-Mary L. Black

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  • Once you join, the Bible Study lessons will show up in your email every Monday evening 4pm - 6pm EST (six days before the lesson's date).
  • As a subscriber, you'll also have access to download over 130 amazing Bible Land Maps for your class or personal study!
  • Our lesson summaries are in Word and PDF formats. This will allow you to view and print the lessons without any of the font irregularities. This feature also keeps printed lesson pages to a minimum.
  • In addition, as requested by many of our subscribers, we have collected all of our previous Bible Study lessons (dating back from 2003) and have converted them into "Biblical Order" (Genesis- Revelation) for your personal study and teaching.
  • For the Children's Lessons subscribers, we have a free "Word Scramble Game" online that will keep kids, as well as adults entertained for hours! (brought to you by
  • Signing up for both the Adult and Children's lessons allows access to the "Word Scramble Game," as well as the "Free Sermon" downloads (brought to you by ChristiansUnite).

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See our Previous Bible Study Lessons

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