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Name: Carol mills
Location: Louisiana
These Sunday school lessons have been a resource that is priceless in my spiritual growth. The lessons have brought my Sunday school teaching to another level in the Lord . It is an added resource that I use with the guidance of the Holy Spirit to involve my students in discussion of the lesson. I love the guided questions for every day application. These questions helps to bring the lesson to the now time. I bless your commitment and your love for the ministers. In addition,, I love the PowerPoint and I use i every thing I get . I thanks God for you All
Posted on: Sunday - Sep 20, 2015
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Name: Joyce
Location: Chicago Illinois
What a BLESSING to have such great in-put and understanding of God's word. I truly, appreciate your is such a great tool to have as a Sunday School teacher. Again Bless you and thank you.
Posted on: Wednesday - Sep 16, 2015
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Posted on: Tuesday - Sep 15, 2015
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Name: Rosemary Slaton
Location: Chicago, Il
The lessons are well written. I can clearly understand what the scripture is saying.
Posted on: Monday - Aug 31, 2015
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Name: Arma Holmes Hart
I have always loved the well planned lessons. helpful as a Sunday School teacher!!
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Posted on: Thursday - Aug 6, 2015
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Name: Alvin Scott
Location: Bossier City La
Your lessons are well written and easy to understand. They relate to current life situations. I have been voted to teach the men's class.
Posted on: Sunday - Jul 26, 2015
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Name: Jayne Edwards
Location: Houston, TX
If only you could see how these lessons enhance our Women'a Sunday School class and my own personal growth. But I believe the Holy Spirit affirms to those who seek a better understanding and a closer walk with GOD, tools for cultivating HIS vineyard. Whether it's the application aspects or the historical perspective or the meat of the lesson, I appreciate the ability of the writers to not lose the message of the LORD in the details. A concise well researched lesson is available to us all at a very afforable price. THANK YOU STAFF MEMBERS
Posted on: Sunday - Jul 12, 2015
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Name: Zelda Dobbs
Location: West Point, Mississippi
I am extremely pleased that I subscribed to Jesus Is All Ministries. It gives me a better insight of teaching the lesson by giving a list of vocabulary words, extra activities, and how to apply the lesson daily . Thank you!
Posted on: Saturday - Jul 11, 2015
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Name: James Freeman Jr
Location: North Augusta , SC
The Sunday School lesson have really help me and my co-workers delvelope a mind set to really dig deep in the WORD when we study. I Thank God for the lesson plans and for you too. Thanks
Posted on: Monday - Jul 6, 2015
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Name: LaSandra Jones
Location: Lansing, MI
I love receiving the Sunday School lesson every week in order to study it, and get a great perspective on the meaning. I teach an adult Women's Sunday School class and always look forward to getting a head start on the lesson. Thank you for providing these great lessons!
Posted on: Monday - Jul 6, 2015
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