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Name: Rosemary Slaton
Location: Chicago, Il
The lessons are well written. I can clearly understand what the scripture is saying.
Posted on: Monday - Aug 31, 2015
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Name: Arma Holmes Hart
I have always loved the well planned lessons. helpful as a Sunday School teacher!!
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Posted on: Thursday - Aug 6, 2015
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Name: Alvin Scott
Location: Bossier City La
Your lessons are well written and easy to understand. They relate to current life situations. I have been voted to teach the men's class.
Posted on: Sunday - Jul 26, 2015
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Name: Jayne Edwards
Location: Houston, TX
If only you could see how these lessons enhance our Women'a Sunday School class and my own personal growth. But I believe the Holy Spirit affirms to those who seek a better understanding and a closer walk with GOD, tools for cultivating HIS vineyard. Whether it's the application aspects or the historical perspective or the meat of the lesson, I appreciate the ability of the writers to not lose the message of the LORD in the details. A concise well researched lesson is available to us all at a very afforable price. THANK YOU STAFF MEMBERS
Posted on: Sunday - Jul 12, 2015
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Name: Zelda Dobbs
Location: West Point, Mississippi
I am extremely pleased that I subscribed to Jesus Is All Ministries. It gives me a better insight of teaching the lesson by giving a list of vocabulary words, extra activities, and how to apply the lesson daily . Thank you!
Posted on: Saturday - Jul 11, 2015
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Name: James Freeman Jr
Location: North Augusta , SC
The Sunday School lesson have really help me and my co-workers delvelope a mind set to really dig deep in the WORD when we study. I Thank God for the lesson plans and for you too. Thanks
Posted on: Monday - Jul 6, 2015
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Name: LaSandra Jones
Location: Lansing, MI
I love receiving the Sunday School lesson every week in order to study it, and get a great perspective on the meaning. I teach an adult Women's Sunday School class and always look forward to getting a head start on the lesson. Thank you for providing these great lessons!
Posted on: Monday - Jul 6, 2015
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Name: Georgia Harper
Location: Mississippi
Your Sunday School lessons have been a great help to me in preparing my lesson plans. I get other ideas that I can use.
Posted on: Sunday - Jul 5, 2015
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Name: Marsha Whaley
Location: NC
Great interpretation of international Sunday school lessons. Great help in teaching.
Posted on: Friday - Jul 3, 2015
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Name: Gloria Stuckey
Location: Washington, D.C.
I have received the Sunday School lessons for several years. Many lessons are clarified They have helped me and the class to have a better understanding of the lessons. They have also help to pronounce some words that are in the lessons.
Attention is also given to verses in other chapters that refer to the lesson of the day.
Posted on: Friday - Jul 3, 2015
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