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Name: Flora Lynn Miller
Location: Maywoos, IL 60153
I use my lessons for discussion in my class. I'm in Adult #2. I answer the questions from the scripture by picking out particular points and references. When my class has to do review for the whole Sunday School I sum up points from the whole lesson beginning with background and history and they love it. My Superintendent tells me to cut it short but they love my reviews. It's so enlightening.
Posted on: Sunday - Oct 2, 2016
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Name: Ileen Patrick
Location: Dayton, WA United States
I do not use these lessons for Sunday School as our church has a different plan we use for Adult Sunday School thus I use this as the lessons for my small group study we have used these for the past 3 years and all of us totally agree they are the best we have ever used. Keep up the good work. Very good commentators. Thank you.
Posted on: Tuesday - Sep 13, 2016
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Name: Yolanda Young
Location: Bronx NY
I am a Sunday School Teacher, and these lessons have helped me so much to go deeper and to teach better. Please keep them coming. I'm grateful that the lessons come out every Monday, so I can start to prepare for the next Sunday.
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Posted on: Wednesday - Jun 1, 2016
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Name: OChandler
Location: Alabama
The lessons are explained in a way that is easy to understand and teach.

They are written with a very knowledgeable insight into what the scriptures are saying. Thank you for your wonderful service.
Posted on: Friday - Mar 18, 2016
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Name: Beverlie ANN Thomas-Collins
Location: Marion,Alabama
These lessons are extremely helpful tin teaching Sunday School class. The how to say it feature really helps with pronunciation of names. Students can get a better understanding hen we use the outline of the lesson, the conclusion and the points to ponder. The lesson is also good for personal Bible study.
Posted on: Monday - Jan 25, 2016
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Name: Debra Graham-Gosha
Location: Montgomery, Alabama
It has truly blessed my life to read and receive the commentary each week. I have a better understanding of the word of God, through my reading and studying. It gives me great joy to share the word of God with a clearer understanding to others.
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Posted on: Tuesday - Dec 22, 2015
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Name: anatol
Location: The Bahamas
The lessons are very timely. I truly enjoy sharing them with me class.
The students are excited about the activities.
Keep up the awesome work!
Posted on: Sunday - Dec 20, 2015
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Name: Edward L Sherman Jr
Location: Norfolk, VA
Excellent teachings and commentaries. These lessons have truly blessed me as I continue to learn God's Word. Wonderful staff that really knows how to present these lessons so I can understand time and time again. God bless you all and keep up the great work.
Posted on: Thursday - Nov 5, 2015
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Name: Virginia
Location: Yazoo city, Mississippi
I can't express enough how these lessons are helping my class and not only my class but they are helping me too! I can prepare my lesson more efficient than I have before. If you can see if you can come up with a short skit for some of the lessons. Thank you and may God bless you all. This has been a blessing to me.
Posted on: Tuesday - Oct 13, 2015
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Name: Stephanie Fondren
Location: Chicago, IL
Thank you so much for enlightening my bible studies. I really do appreciate all the a hard work that is done each week to break down each lesson for each Quarter Unit! It's truly a pleasure sowing into God's Kingdom!

Continue to have a Blessed Ministry!
Posted on: Saturday - Oct 3, 2015
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