Bible Trivia

Bible Trivia Quiz - Week 34

1. Who was the tenth king of Israel? He killed his predecessor's family and the king of the Southern Kingdom of two tribes.

Hint: (1 Kings 19:16)

A- Elah

B- Zimri

C- Ahaziah

D- Jehu

2. What does a person from the city of Nazareth called?

A- Nazarether

B- Nazarene

C- Nazarethian

D- Nazarese

3. Who was a god worshiped by the Ammonites? The rituals included sacrificing children by fire.

Hint: (Leviticus 18:21)

A- Dagon

B- Astaroth

C- Rimmon

D- Molech

4. Who was the father of Eleazar? He returned from exile with Ezra.

Hint: (Ezra 8:33)

A- Phinehas

B- Jeshua

C- Hilkiah

D- Meraioth

5. What is known as a refuge for fugitives and for its association with medicinal balm? It is a wooded and hilly area east of the Jordan River.

Hint: (Genesis 37:25)

A- Manasseh

B- Gad

C- Gilead

D- Naphtali

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